SummerTime Finance

A stablecoin lending protocol leveraging illiquid yield-generating capital as collateral. With an NFTs twist.

SummerTime is a way for you spend value of your yield-bearing crypto without ever having to sell it.

Introducing the SHELL stablecoin

SHELL token is a decentralized, unbiased, overcollateralized backed token, soft pegged to the U.S Dollar. It is not an algorithmic stablecoin.
SHELL borrowing (minting) is decentralized and non-custodial, meaning the user has complete control over their capital and can mint & pay back SHELL tokens, and withdraw their collateral anytime at their will, instantly.

How does it work?

Create personal vault
1st, you have to approve and deposit the yield-bearing collateral you plan to HODL. SHELL tokens can only be made with collateral backing it through all approved yield-bearing collateral eg. BNB-ETH pancakeswap LP tokens.
Mint $SHELL tokens
Once the yield-bearing tokens are deposited. The user is free to mint SHELL tokens. A user can mint up to 2/3rds of their collateral deposited. There is no scheduled payments thus the user is free to mint more SHELL tokens, as long the required collateral-debt ratio is maintained.
Self-paying debt interest
The user also has never to worry about the debt interest rate as the protocol can use a portion of the yields the yeild-bearing tokens are generating to pay down the debt interest within the year.
The user is free to decide when they'd like to pay back their debt anytime and withdraw their collateral anytime.
SummerTime is on a mission to make liquidity in DeFi great again.

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